Setting Up And Accessing Your Email

Once your website has been created we provide you with one advanced mailbox with a massive 1GB space for your emails, and up to 10 standard 50mb email addresses for your colleagues.

You can access your webmail by visiting or you can access webmail using (Replacing with your actual domain name).

You can also use webmail followed by your domain name. For example if your domain is then enter

You can also add an email forwarder by this control panel if you have an email address already and wish to use the same email address.

If you wish to use:

    Windows Live Mail
    Windows Mail
    Outlook Express
    Outlook 2003
    Outlook 2007
    Outlook 2010
    Mac Mail

Then please ask for your settings and we will email them to you with a simple guide. Please note that we can not accept liabilty when using third party email applications as above, as although very good programmes, they do have to be set up correctly! Please use the webmail if in doubt.

A brief overview

Webmail will look familiar. It is similar to many online email applications, such as Outlook Web Access or Thunderbird, with a list of folders on the left of the page, and a toolbar at the top. If you click on the Inboxfrom the folder list you will see all incoming messages on the account and if you click an email in the list you will see a preview of it underneath.

The top of the window will give you instant access to the key Webmail features such as options for managing your mail, contacts and changing your settings.



From here you can access your email.  You can compose a message, reply to and forward mail and access the options needed to manage folders such as your deleted items and your own personal folders.


Address Book

Manage your contacts by creating your own groups.  You may want to separately categorize your friends from business contacts or group your business contacts by the nature of their business.

You can also import and export your contacts using vCards or Comma Seperated Lists.


Gives you the options you need to change the layouts and general look and feel of Webmail.


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