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Fantastic 6 page website, including 12 months hosting from only £395.

Although here at Fluffy Duck we advise on the simple, clear and well designed aspect of web design, we also do not lose sight of the fact that you are the customer, so if you have a clear idea of your final image then please feel free to make your thoughts clear to us and we will gladly advise and quote you.

Simple or complicated? Your choice.

When designing a website, the flow through the pages by the visitor and the actual content of the site is just as important as the actual look.

Does the website contain all relevant information?

It is important that the visitor feels they have access to all the information they need from your website. For example, do you want to include prices, or a PDF download document, or neither, and just include your services? A visitor should be able to access every web page on your site with a maximum of 3 mouse clicks (2 is even better). Clear navigation is essential and the visitor should know where they are within the website at all times, without having to repeatedly back track.It is no use burying your contact details deep within your website - they should be only 1 mouse click from your homepage and where possible you should aim to have at least an email link on every page.

FluffyDuck prefers to build what others would consider 'basic' websites, without the reliance of FLASH animations or over-complicated navigation systems. It is also why websites built by Fluffy Duck are very robust and operate well over all platforms.
Before our websites are released we test them on the main browsers and at various resolutions to make sure that the website performs as expected for the majority of visitors.
We can of course still make a more complicated site, if that is what you require, after all it is YOUR site, and will create a site that you will be proud to show your customers.

After the 12 months , you can stay with Fluffy Duck for a cost of £100 to renew hosting for the next 12 months, £150 for ecommerce sites.

Included in all new website builds at no extra cost: Keyword and Meta Tag creation, search engine optimisation and submission to the major free search engines/directories on completion.

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