We know how daunting taking a leap into the world wide web can be, so below is brief walk through of what you can expect to happen and when.


Web Design Process

  • A £250 initial deposit is required before any work commences for sites £395 and over, this is deducted of the final invoice.
  • To define the nature of the business
  • To identify the customers requirements
  • To establish the customers expectations of the web site
  • To define the site structure and navigation
  • All of this can be done by email.

    Collection of material

    Please note that all Correspondence is through email and post etc, we do not need face to face meetings. This also helps to keep costs down!
  • Collection of corporate image material to define theme and colours of the site
  • You email any content you would like on the site eg, images, word documents, PDF s etc.

    Development of site structure and content

  • Fluffy Duck Web Design then develop the website.
  • To build and populate the entire web pages with the agreed content

    Final Stages

  • Once all the web content is integrated with the final fully operational site, the content is reviewed for accuracy
  • Any final amendments to content are finalised at this stage.
  • Email requirement are configured and tested.
  • Key words are finalised and launched to the site.

    Client Acceptance and Approval

  • Once the site is completed to satisfaction, the site is formally accepted and approved.
  • The final balance is paid by the client.

    Fully Launched and Complete.

  • The completed site is then launched and registered to the search engines

    Put basically, you tell us what you want and we do it!!

    The above process takes 4 - 6 Weeks, depending on when the client supplies the site material. Fluffy Duck Web Design gladly takes control of your complete site design, it does however rely on the speed and cooperation of the client in supplying the relevant logos and wording to make the process work smoothly.

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